My Toolkit

Over the course of the semester, Professor Brooks has been strongly emphasizing the use of three services: Evernote, a cloud-based note taking service; Zotero, an independent and collaborative library for collecting research; and WordPress, which is… well, if you’re on this site and don’t know what it is, then you’re probably in the wrong place.

First and foremost, we used Evernote. I was a bit lucky. I had already built up an extensive catalog of Evernote notes (and experience with the app, for that matter) because it’s an astounding service. I keep passwords, to-do lists, memos, drafts and outlines–overall, I get my money’s worth for this (yes, I realize it’s free). I plan to keep using it in much the same way wherever possible for the next few years of college.

Next, we used Zotero. I only posted a single file of research because the entire operation was messy, confusing, and hard. If I spent more time with it, it’d probably become second nature, but I have no use for the service it offers. I collect my research and post references/links in Evernote, and much prefer that method. I don’t think I’ll ever be using this in the future. If I change my mind, though, you can catch up with me at my Zotero account page

Finally, we used WordPress. It’s pretty neat. Building a website to my liking is a little overwhelming at first, but I like having my own little piece of digital real estate. It’s also nice to have all of my assignments from this year in one convenient location. However, I’m not too hot at keeping up a consistent blog at the moment. If I think of something to put on or ever want to promote my work, though, I know a good place to start.

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